Help Our Libraries!

Our public school libraries keep the 23,000 students of the Hart School District both informed and educated.  They are safe and welcoming places for students to come to work, read and relax with books and technology that might not always be available at home.  In these libraries they have guidance, supervision and encouragement.

We believe that providing a modern, “literacy rich” environment in our libraries is critical to launching our students toward a successful future. However keeping our libraries stocked with the most up-to-date, engaging reading materials is a challenging proposition in our ever changing world. Therefore, the WiSH Foundation is reaching out to the community to support our efforts to enhance and update reading and technology options in our public school libraries.

Whether or not you currently have a student in the Hart District, we hope you will partner with us in our effort to encourage learning through new print media and new technology for the library.  Our goal is to raise $100,000 toward this effort.  Please help us make a difference.

Make your 100% tax deductible donation today.


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